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October 2021 Newsletter

As your financial goals change throughout life so should your investment portfolio and monitoring your investments regularly is key. The question is - how often should you do this? Find out more in our first article.

Working out whether our super is working hard enough for our retirement goals is more often than not put in the ‘too hard basket’, especially if retirement is a long way off. Here, we unravel the complexities around investing in super to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Some of us want to work full-time until we hit retirement age, while others want to make it a gradual thing and reduce their working hours in the lead up to retirement. A Transition to Retirement Pension is a strategy you can use if you’re not completely ready to retire. Find out more about TTR here.

Super and tax – it can be very confusing, and it's not always easy to understand. In this article, we explore when how your superannuation may be taxed.

With half the country in and out of lockdown, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained for ongoing periods of time, especially if you are homeschooling as well. We've provided some tips to help keep the kids entertained as well as keeping you sane.

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Tax and super

How super contributions and withdrawals are taxed.

Boredom Busters: Fun family activities to add to your daily routine

If lockdown life is getting you and your family down, it’s time to ditch the devices and shake up your routine with these boredom-busting activities, writes Heid Rosenberg. Read more >>