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Welcome to 2019!

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life.

In our first newsletter for 2019, we kick-off with a reminder about why it's important to keep up your super contributions during times of volatility. Before you begin the search for the perfect home, there are a lot of questions to find answers to. We have provided a list of some of the big ones.

Our article titled "Ensuring your voice is heard" looks at the importance of having the right estate plan in place. We have provided a list of 10 things to look out for before you sign-up any legal or financial contract.

If some international travel is on the cards, then we hope our 8 handy tips for travelling overseas is helpful.

If you want to discuss any of these articles or have any questions, please contact this office on 02 4342 1888 or


Peter Talty

Keeping up on your super contributions during volatility

After a downturn in share prices and higher market volatility, many super fund members may think twice about continuing to make voluntary contributions. In contrast, compulsory employer contributions power on – regardless of prevailing market conditions.


Everything you wanted to know about buying a home

Ready to make the leap from renting to buying a home? Well, before you begin the search for your perfect home there are lots of questions to find answers to. Here are some of the big ones.


Ensuring your voice is heard

When you’re here to supervise your worldly affairs, your voice, which reflects your current views, is heard, and more often than not, heeded. But when you’re not here, what voice will be heard? Will it be your most recent voice; an old voice from several years ago; or the voice of government legislation? Unfortunately, all too often, it is voice number two, or worse, three.


What are you signing up for?

How many times have you downloaded a new app or connected to free Wi-Fi and agreed to the terms and conditions without giving them a second glance? In your rush to gain access to the must-have service you may end up agreeing to scrub public portaloos.


8 handy tips for travelling overseas

Even for seasoned travellers there’s a little bit of magic involved in hopping on a plane in Australia today and disembarking in a far-off destination like Istanbul or London tomorrow. For most people their travels will be a safe and wonderful experience, but things can go wrong. While you can’t control everything, a little bit of preparation can help to create cheerful memories.